Various Causes and Effective Ways to Get Rid of Drowsiness

Drowsiness when on the move is a natural thing. However, if sleepiness occurs continuously, it certainly can interfere with daily activities. You should understand effective ways to eliminate sleepiness, so that productivity is maintained. Feeling sleepy can arise at any time, including when studying, working or even while driving a vehicle. Symptoms that often accompany drowsiness, including difficulty concentrating and unable to control emotions. Factors Cause Drowsiness Drowsiness that arises during activities during the day is generally caused by several factors, namely: Lack of sleep Some effects of sleep deprivation, namely easy sleepiness, difficulty controlling emotions, and slowing response. Apart from lack of sleep, sleepiness can also be caused by too much sleep. According to research, people who sleep more than 8 hours, it is easier to feel sleepy the next day. Stress and depression Stress and depression make a person difficult to sleep well at night and m
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